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  • Our Childcare Rooms

    Little Winners nursery comprises of two main childcare rooms, with dedicated play areas for the baby unit for ages 0-2 years and our Toddler and Preschool room for ages from 2-5 years. Each room is dedicated to fun and stimulating activities specific for that age group. 

    Our rooms are run by highly trained staff, all with specific experience within each childcare age group.

    The Baby Room focuses on creating an environment that is "home-from-home" so to provide a gentle transition from home to nursery life.

    The Toddler and Preschool room layout encourages children to begin to explore for themselves and build the first steps of independence. This is where we prepare our preschool children for their next big step into school life.  

    All of our rooms are evaluated on a regular basis using the ITERS or ECERS scales and we frequently invite the local authority to inspect our setting against these standards.